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Cougar Dating Sites For Those Looking to Meet Real Cougar Women

Jumping into Cougar Dating Can Be Tough if You Don’t Know How to Navigate Those Waters

But It’s a Virtual Gold Mine if You Do

My name is Eric and if you want to find some hot, cougar women in your area and have been dreaming of hooking up with experienced older women, I can lead you down that path to glory.  Why is that you ask?  Because I’m the schmuck that has tried just about every cougar dating website on the planet looking to date a cougar and has found the ones that deliver the gold and been through the ones that are just flat out scams, with no Real Cougar Women to speak of.cougar dating

There are over 80 Cougar Dating websites online for guys looking to date a cougar or ladies seeking their cubs – a mind blowing number – and I have narrowed the playing field down to just 3 for you.  These are 3 of the Best that will get you where you want to be and NOT leave you with an empty wallet and an even emptier calendar.

As a brief background on me (I know you’re anxious for the goods), I am recently divorced to someone that was roughly my age.  I have always been intrigued by older women, their self-assurance, experience, and the whole “Mrs. Robinson” thing so set out to fulfill some long-brewing fantasies.  Figured it would be easy with all of those websites out there.  It wasn’t.  It took awhile and some perseverance, but I did eventually strike gold – in spades!  The journey was so frustrating at times that I decided to, at the very least, give credit to the best sites so that others can be spared the misery and scams that I had to wade through.  Trust me – about 90% of the these sites are SCAMS!

So, Keep Reading if:

  • You are looking for the Best place to find hookups with  cougar women
  • You are looking for a cougar woman to date with no strings attached
  • You think that Cougar Dating with a hot experience, self-assured woman sounds like a great idea

Go ahead and Move Along if:

  • You’d rather keep signing up for cougar dating websites based on who has the hottest model on their homepage
  • You enjoy getting scammed by paid employees, who contact you with no intention of “hooking up”
  • You have an endless supply of time and resources to devote to your search

Well, you’re still here so, let’s get to it.  No BS Here. I’m going to give you the run down on the 3 Top Cougar Dating sites, what their features are and tell you EXACTLY what my experience was with each one (I DO kiss and tell).

dateacougar reviewReview #1: is one of the most popular and most authentic of the Cougar Dating niche websites, and has been online for over 4 years now. You can join the website for free and the process is fast and simple.  Their interface is very easy to use and understand and the profiles are clearly not “fake” – many of the Cougar Women aren’t model material.  (Just means that they’re real).   DateaCougar is now getting over 200,000 visits per month from members of men and women looking for fun.

As with the majority of cougar dating sites, DateaCougar allows you to sign up for free. The free membership allows you to upload a profile; it also allows you to search the database of members.   There is also a Community Chat Room feature as well as “Blackbook IM chat” that is more of a private chat room.

The Free Membership is a bit limited but you can try the Regular Membership through a Free Trial with all of the Site Features to decide if you want to stick around before you have to pay for anything.  There are different upgrade packages and, like I said, a Free Trial.  This gives you access to all areas of the site for your cougar dating search, the complete profiles, webcam action, messaging, you name it.

The Hook Ups:

I had several from this site and it didn’t take very long either.  Not being the most patient guy on the planet, it was nice to meet women who didn’t want to just find online pen pals. The selection here is growing by the day and there was plenty of action to be had here for sure – and it’s not Fake!  I actually had several women contact me the first week, which typically doesn’t happen.  I ended up chatting with and hooking up with a great woman from this site one time.  She was about 10 years older than me and I think that she actually found someone else that she wanted to see long-term (which I’m not really looking for), so that was it.  I am still an active member here though and have had several other successful hook ups. is definitely not a fake or scam.  There are real Cougar Women looking to hook up with younger guys.

Check it Out Here.

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dateacougar reviewReview #2: is another niche dating site specifically for Cougar Dating that happens to be a bit newer but it has grown to be HUGE so fast and has some cool features. This site is also international, so if your search takes you abroad, all the better! I actually do search dating websites sometimes before I travel. This one is NO scam! There are some profiles here with no pics but that is due to plain old laziness from people that sign up and don’t follow through. Don’t be one of those schmucks. If you want to hand yourself off to some experienced women for a change (recommended), this site is worth a look for sure.

As is typical with many sites, CougarCountdown is 100% free to join and they make it very simple – literally a couple of boxes to fill in and you’re “in”. You can choose to upload a personal pic or not – it’s always best to do this because I won’t contact anyone without a pic and imagine that you won’t either.

The Free Membership is somewhat limited but there is plenty you can do with this, including creating your custom profile, browse other profiles, send a limited number of emails to other members, view other members images, send and respond to chat requests, send and receive winks, update your “Friends” and “Blocked” list and have matches emailed to you. Nice. Upgrading gets you texting, voice and video chat without restrictions and more gallery pics. There are also VIP benefits that you can read about on the site. Regardless, this is also one of the more affordable of the cougar dating sites (other costly ones we simply didn’t review) with the greatest amount of features for your cash should you upgrade.

The Hook Ups:

I wouldn’t have in the #2 spot if it didn’t deliver. I signed up for the Free Membership sometime mid-week I guess and started looking through the profiles of the women in my area. There were A LOT that looked active and REAL and some that I was just dying to meet. The Free membership has plenty of features but I wanted more so I upgraded to start unlimited chatting and email exchanging. I had 1 solid date set for the next week within 48 hours and another a few days later.  No joke. I met one woman after work for a drink and we hooked up for an absolutely amazing time that same night. I met the other for lunch and we hooked up again later on in the week after work. That was just the beginning of my ongoing Cougar Dating experience with CougarCountdown and I expect that there will be more.

I can tell you from my experience that has a ton of Real Cougar Women looking for younger men and is not a scam.

Check it Out Here.

Date a Cougar Free sign UpDate a Cougar Free Sign Up

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Cougar Personal Ads ReviewReview #3: is the last of the three sites that I’m going to recommend. It’s smaller but has been around for nearly 10 years, so is not one of the MANY new sites to jump on the “cougar dating” bandwagon and they’re not trying to scam you out of your cash. Don’t let the sleazy graphics fool you (what’s wrong with “sleazy” anyway?) – They have a ton of members that serve the entire globe but primarily the United States and Canada.

The main thing that you need to know about this site is that it’s considered a “gateway” site and is part of a network of “Adult” Dating sites.  The network itself is massive – with over 24 Million members world-wide, so when you get in, you will just need to narrow down your selections to the “Cougar Dating” corner, which is quite large and active.   This is still a great site for guys looking for Real Cougar Women in their area, and their motto is “Don’t You Love it When a Woman Takes Control?”.  I can deal with that.  They do have a webcam feature if you’re into that sort of thing. Some like to use it as “warm up” or just to get to know each other better before the actual meet.

Some of the features that the site offers include:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Live Chat
  • Block/Ignore Member
  • Favorites List/Hotlist
  • Email
  • Private Photo Showcasing
  • Message Boards
  • Virtual Winks

Membership to IS Free, but with any of these services there are upgrades that you can get for more site features.   There is plenty that you can do to get started with the Free Membership, like view other profiles, keep a “hot list” and even use the “cupid service”.   You can upgrade to a membership if you like what you see after that. You’ll be able to then have full use of all of the options on the site.

The Hook ups:

As I said, the membership base is Huge but you have to narrow it down to the Cougar Dating – and the Cougar Women in your area. I do live a large metropolitan area, though so there were still quite a few choices when I joined I browsed and found women that I was interested in and gave them a virtual “wink”.   I received about 50% back so decided to upgrade my membership to see where it took me.   I ended up chatting with a number of women and even having a freaky webcam session with one woman late one night. Eventually, I did hook up with an older woman that I emailed with for several weeks and we’ve gotten together several times. I will probably stick with the more targeted sites but this one definitely does deliver and is not a scam.

You Can Find Them Here.

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So There You Have the Best Cougar Dating Websites to Meet Real Cougar Women in Your Area

There are Plenty of Cougar Women Here and You Won’t Get Scammed

What will you find on all of those other sites? Well, you are welcome to give them a shot but I can tell you from my personal experience that they are full of fake profiles and you will spend a ridiculous amount of time being strung along, probably by some guy named “Paul” that was hired by the site owners to pull in members and big bucks. These sites stay in business because they’re flashy and have hot cougar women all over their ads, but they just plain don’t deliver on their promises. Don’t waste your time.

If you want to find a real cougar woman, they are out there. Trust me, I’ve met a bunch of them through these sites. Now, you’ve been given the secrets that the scammers don’t want you to know – Who the REAL players are. Creating your account is simple with any one of these three and they all offer Free Services and Free Trials so that you can easily make your own wise Cougar Dating decision.

Now it’s time for you to get in the game. What are you waiting for?

“Of Course I Want To Get Started – It’s Free!”