Cubs Seeking Cougars Are The Latest Rage

Cubs Seeking Cougars Are The Latest Rage

There is a new kind of craze that is beginning to eat into our romance traditions. Out of the blue, the dating environment is creeping with male cubs marauding around for cougar women. The number one desire of these young men is for the cougar women to invite them to their world. Whilst most women in their later 30s and early 40s may regard beauty as a waning memory, it is increasingly becoming impossible for older women to hit the social scene without attracting the attention of men who are far much younger than them. Cougar dating is the in thing.
cougar women
Following a 100 years of overemphasizing the feminine splendor as well as sex attraction towards the look of youthfulness, the American romance tradition is gradually turning the other way. Presently, all the younger men desire older women. What’s more is that, it is not a matter of men in their 20s desiring women in their 30s. Men increasingly prefer women who are in their late 40s and early 50s. Surprisingly, the older women, known as cougars, are relishing the attention being given to them.

The million dollar question therefore is, why? Illustrated below are some of the theories why cougar dating is becoming a phenomenon:

  1. Times are hard and young men are shying away from the responsibility of paying their bills. Chances are that cougars are financially well off. Most of these women have well-paying careers or businesses. Therefore, they are never short of cash. As such, men who are still struggling financially prefer to date these women.
  2. An older woman cannot have kids; however she can have all the sex she desires. Chances are that an older woman already has kids of her own and is no longer interested in having more children or is past the menopause stage and therefore cannot bear any more kids. Men love a steady, adult relationship they can rely on without intrusion by any genetic clocks. It takes the danger out of having regular sexual intercourse. What’s more is that, women who date younger men are only it for the sex and nothing more. This in turn makes them a perfect match.
  3. A cougar woman is no longer a child and the mainstream broadcasting plus publicity are ultimately acknowledging that prettiness is eternal.

The fact that there are more women than men and that men tend to tire from the clubbing scene much faster than women, makes it easier for cougar women to hunt for younger men.